Let us help you manage your Revenue Cycle, while you get back to what matters most- Patient Care!

PCOCC is a Medical Coding and Auditing company that can help help you recover and maximize missed reimbursement for your practice. This will give your practice the time and additional resources to invest in delivering excellent healthcare services to your patients.

Don't Let the Insurance Companies Keep Your Hard-Earned Money!

Physician offices often rely on their clerical or other non-certified coding staff to complete their coding and charge capture functions. This is usually to save money on the cost of hiring and maintaining coding staff. However, inaccurate coding can result in a number of costly mistakes that could affect your bottom line and prevent you from purchasing the equipment, clinical staff or other resources needed to care for your patients. Statistics show that about 1/4 of all medical practice income is lost due to improper coding, under-pricing of charges, charges not being submitted in a timely manner, or worse, not at all! That's millions of dollars lost every year because of medical billing and coding errors. Don't be another statistic!

Physician's Choice of Certified Coders (PCOCC) can reverse this trend for your practice by helping you recoup loss revenue due to under-coding or missed billing; doing so in a way that is cost effective for your practice. We can put sure fire processes in place to ensure that all revenue owed to you is captured in an efficient and timely manner. More importantly, we can help you identify potential compliance risks before the Medicare Auditors or OIG come knocking on your door.

Experts in Physician Revenue Cycle Management

Our focus is providing coding and documentation, business office and revenue cycle evaluations for physician groups and academic medical centers.

Our client service team includes a team of certified professional coders who are nationally renowned for their expertise in providing education to physicians on documentation and billing practices. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients in the following areas:

  • Assessment of Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding practices and utilization in comparison with national averages.
  • Hands-on chart reviews to assess risks for coding and compliance issues
  • One-on-one and group physician/staff education on improvement initiatives
  • Assistance with the development of compliance plans, as well as other coding/billing policies with the goal of protecting your practice.
  • Providing on site instruction on ICD-10 and CPT guidelines that are pertinent to your practice.
  • ...and more
CPC Exam Prep Courses
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Chart Auditing Services
"It was so nice to work with a company that understands the nuances of Pediatrics. We can't wait for our next education session." - Pam V., Hospital Administrator
"I have been to many of these coding sessions as a physician but I've learned more in my hour with LaTrece than in all of the other sessions combined." - NICU Physician, Peoria
"Our physicians are asking to have you back. They learned so much from your sessions and want to use your expertise to answer other questions. I hope you're ready for another round of education because we can't wait to have you back." - Joyce E., Hospital Administrator