Coding Compliance Reviews

Coding can be very complex and confusing. Couple that with the rapid changes in payer and federal guidelines, and you may find that your practice could be vulnerable for risks resulting in a lost of revenue due to inappropriate coding; or worse, you could be flagged as a fraud and abuse risk. With the rise in the cost of running your practice and an even closer scrutiny by insurance payers and government officials, it is imperative that you perform regular reviews of your billing and coding practices to reduce your risk of compliance issues and to maximize reimbursement.

In this day of Health Care Reform and the increase in Federal Fraud and Abuse audits, it is imperative that you ensure that your practice is compliant. This can be a daunting task since physician’s offices are very busy with taking care of patients. However, not identifying compliance issues could mean the difference between company sustainability or the leveling of hefty fines from the Government that could simply destroy your practice.

Let us remove that worry. We can assess your billing, coding and reimbursement processes to check for any compliance risks/concerns. Our goal is to keep you within compliance, while providing you with the maximum amount of reimbursement due your physician practice. Improved coding and auditing processes can also improve the relationship between physicians, their patients, and third party payers.