Chart Auditing

Performing regular and timely medical chart audits is a critical step if you are to run a successful medical office. The purpose of these audits is not to show what you are doing wrong, rather to work with physicians to identify areas of many auditing including increased revenue opportunities, documentation improvement strategies, and peace of mind in the event of third party audits. New attention from the OIG, RACs, and other third-party auditors makes this built-in practice self-check more important than ever. Physicians Choice of Certified Coders specializes in retrospective medical chart auditing for physician based coding services.

These audits can be performed remotely from our office. Our certified coders are credentialed with several years of experience in billing, coding and nursing. We can prepare an audit of to ensure compliance with governmental and other payer guidelines and to establish proper billing and documentation procedures to protect you and your practice from a RAC (Medicare) and MIC (Medicaid) audits. We use only the best auditors in the industry. Utilizing our vast network of medical auditing professionals, we provide expertise in every specialty.

By using extensive auditing protocol, we are able to quickly identify coding issues that are affecting your bottom line. PCOCC understands the importance of the viability and profitability of correct reimbursement to keep your practice afloat, so we go the distance to ensure that you are reimbursed properly for all of your hard work in patient care!