Remote Coding Services

Practices looking to save money and improve their bottom line find that remote coding services is a great, cost-effective way to maximize reimbursement while keeping the cost of in-house staff to a minimum. Or maybe you are just looking for a temporary solution until you fill coding vacancies on your team. Either way, we could provide the solution for you!

We offer Remote Coding Services that could bring efficiency to your physician revenue cycle on either a temporary or permanent basis. This would free you up to focus on the most important thing - patient care!

You could reap the benefits of:

  • Increased production and accuracy of coding: When you subscribe to our remote coding services, you will have access to as many or as few medical coding professionals needed to do the job, doing so in an efficient and timely manner. In addition, outsourcing your coding to our team will minimize the costs and management challenges associated with providing employees with benefits, such as medical, dental, PTO and sick leave.
  • Free up space in your office: Remote coding is done at an offsite location. This will save you space and costly equipment and resources that you would need to support an in-house coding team, especially for physician's offices or hospitals looking to free up space for other services.
  • Improved Billing Compliance: Our team of coders and reimbursement specialists are experts in Federal and Payer compliance guidelines, including HIPAA, CMS guidelines, Fraud & Abuse, etc. All coders are highly trained and are required to keep a pulse on the industry, maintaining a current knowledge of the ever-changing rules and regulations in order to provide the most accurate information.